Creative Living

Often we get caught in our regular patterns of living, breathing and moving.  We are used to being there and it feels easy to stay there. Yoga helps us find new ways of being and reconnect with patterns we’ve lost track of. We can find integration internally that changes our external. We may feel a little lighter and a little more creative. We may be inspired and may pass along some inspiration to others.

In a recent post from Psychology Today Magazine on acceptance and creativity Magdalena Bak-Maier invites us to find and dance in the “rhythm of life”. She concluded with these powerful words:

“My invitation to you is to practice acceptance and celebrate the rhythm within your life. Examine its different scales from the night and day—sunrise to sunset— as well as the smaller details of the people present in your life. Examine the patterns of your thoughts. Get and give energy to what is— by accepting the present, you will find richness and inspiration to create what awaits within you to be born.” -Magdalena Bak-Maier, PhD

So today let’s move about with attention and intention breathing in all that life has to offer, moment by moment. As the fellow in the coffee shop said today — I’m living the dream. He turned to me and ask — How about you?

I’m trying, I said. I’m trying, and feeling good about it!