Find breath, movement, stillness and refreshment in your own space.

Have you ever thought about taking a yoga class?  Were you not sure what to expect?  All you need is yourself. Yoga is for everyone.

Gentle Lion Yoga brings yoga to you. Host a semi-private or private class in your own home or community space.  Gentle Lion Yoga will come to people in the Greater Pittsburgh area with a focus on the eastern suburbs.  Find the joy in yoga today.

What’s kind of yoga philosophy will you find?

Throw out all the words you think you need to have and be before you come to a class.  You will breath and move and breath and rest all in the same class.  Classes are designed to foster personal attention to the body.  Based on the principles of EmbodiYoga, we work on cultivating healthy new patterns of movement and awakening particularly in areas where we hold tension and propping in our minds, bodies and spirits. [Read more here.]