A Friend, a Journal and a Gift from the Mat

A few years ago a friend gave me a copy of Journal Keeper by Margaret D. Smith. It’s quite a lovely, simple book with thoughts on journaling that make it accessible to all of us.  My friend also gave me a journal with a painting of a girl dancing in a field of flowers.  She’s reaching for the sky with a flower laced dress.  I love it!

Around the same time I attended a yoga and writing workshop which inspired me to leave my journal at the end of my mat.  What happened next? I started to write after my yoga practice.  In fact, a collection of poetry poured out.  Sinking into your yoga practice can bring out you — it may be the creative you, the loving you, the wisdom in you.

So today as I remember this friend, I give thanks of her wisdom especially shown in this creative gift with stickers placed in love next to her favorite quotes and verses.  I ask you: What inspires you? Do you have a favorite quote or verse to share with a friend?  What personal touches can you add to a gift — a gift to yourself or to someone you love?

I have learned . . . that the head does not hear anything until the heart has listened, and what the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow. — James Stephens, writer, as quoted in Journal Keeper

PS The journal is by Brush Dance – “The Brush Dance is a Yurok Indian healing ritual where being true to yourself means giving your best to help a person in need. Being true to yourself is the one and only Yurok Indian law.” Perfect!


Slowing Down

Through yoga, we can cultivate attention to the breath that flows through each of us.   As we listen to our breath, we slow down in our thoughts and may even find that we slow down in life.

Over the past several months as my yoga training wrapped up and after, I’ve found myself walking more slowly, taking more photos and pausing to reflect.  I’ve been more present to these moments of observation and have found my attention in general growing.

How can you slow down today and tomorrow?  Start by asking yourself:  What do I really enjoy in life?  Then take some special moments to observe, reflect and savior what you really enjoy.

Having trouble slowing down?  Begin with breathing.  A few deep breathes can make all the difference.  Coordinate some of your every day movements to breath.  You may discover a new slowness and enjoyment in the usual.

Find breath, movement, stillness and refreshment in your own space.

Have you ever thought about taking a yoga class?  Were you not sure what to expect?  All you need is yourself. Yoga is for everyone.

Gentle Lion Yoga brings yoga to you. Host a semi-private or private class in your own home or community space.  Gentle Lion Yoga will come to people in the Greater Pittsburgh area with a focus on the eastern suburbs.  Find the joy in yoga today.

What’s kind of yoga philosophy will you find?

Throw out all the words you think you need to have and be before you come to a class.  You will breath and move and breath and rest all in the same class.  Classes are designed to foster personal attention to the body.  Based on the principles of EmbodiYoga, we work on cultivating healthy new patterns of movement and awakening particularly in areas where we hold tension and propping in our minds, bodies and spirits. [Read more here.]