Amazing Bodies

Our bodies are wonderous. We carry. We inhabit. Habits. Self. Worries. Love. Compassion. Giving. Receiving. We are wonderous.

Yoga dives into these wonderous places. Awareness. New spaces. Releasing. Re-knowing. Being held. Balancing. Gentle movement and touch awareness create part of the experience. Building newness, re-arriving.

This week the tension of my gut started traveling into my neck and throat and head. There was tension, holding and little red flags that my body was throwing up. Today gentle massage therapy (gentle movement and touch awareness) helped my body remember and find equilibrium again. My tight center left my thoracic diaphragm pulling on my low ribs, tight breast bone, achy front of heart and rippling effects head to toe to mood.

Today my front heart softened, jaw balanced, diaphragm relaxed. Ah breath! I yawned and my stomach made noises. Just lovely. My heart remembered it can rest in center with support of the back rather than rushing forward. My left hip moved back into place and my talus found home.

Leaving the chicken and the egg behind as to what holding pattern rippled into another, I feel well now and will saver this and re-remember comfort, rest, peace in my body and whole self.

Our minds, bodies and spirits are beautifully and wonderfully made, beautifully woven, dancing together. 

Where do you need some tender loving care? Observe your balance of giving and receiving and support. What will you re-remember? How will you rest? How will you dance?


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