Meeting Self

Today I had lunch with me. I went to a place I used to go to with my best girl friend.  I avoid some of our favorite places because of the sadness that could roll in.

Today I was ready — it was the perfect time.  I had lunch with me.  I drank a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in my friend’s favorite fashion.

I decided to meet myself where I was at in the moment because that’s what I loved most about my friend — her honest gift of meeting people in the moment.  She was present, non-judmental.

Since my friend’s passing to the next life, I have often wondered what she would say to me, if she would be proud of me or disappointed. Today I realized that she would have met me, talked with me, been present and loved me no matter what.  So I gave that gift of friendship to myself today.

What are your reflections on friendship?

How do you love, and how do you experience the love of friends?

What gifts have you received, and what gifts will you give to yourself?



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