Morning Reflection

constancy, gratitude and everlasting love

A bereavement counselor once asked me what I did in the mornings when my thoughts often drifted to the negative. Good question.  Some days I remember this question. Just asking it allows space for positive thoughts.

This morning I purposefully reflected on hopeful words rather than the list of to-dos. 

The 23rd Psalm came to mind in wholeness, then in key words of comfort.

Laying down in green pastures.

Restored soul.

Cup running over.

Goodness and mercy.

Led me to . . .

Let the day wash over you.

To my delight I found these words returning while driving and doing, keeping my spirit quiet throughout the day. 

Then around five o’clock I started mowing my grass and forgot these words. I dropped into DO mode and the to-do list started over.

Then they returned. Sweetness and comfort. 

So I close my day in gratitude for the beautiful washing . . . throughout the day and with each new morning.  What words come to you in moments of pause where you create space?


2 thoughts on “Morning Reflection

  1. My go to words…are really a song I either hummir sing quietly…

    “In His Time, In His Time, He makes all things beautiful in His time….”
    And I then continue the song at different parts of the day…:)

    Beautiful thoughts Charity, thanks!

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